Frequently Asked Questions

No, we do only production work.
Yes, we can do small production runs and will give you a quote in advance to determine if it’s a viable solution.
Yes. Pricing is determined on operations required, polish, quantities and finish.
Yes, we have our own internal polishing department.
We request job prints or parts to quote when possible as all jobs vary in price.
Possibly, depending on the finish, although in most cases it is cost-prohibitive.
Typically 2-3 weeks, however lead times vary depending on the size of the job.
We will determine a re-work price based on what exactly needs to be completed.
Our chrome tanks are 42" inches deep, 24" inches wide and 144" inches long. Our specialty tanks are 44" inches deep, 18" inches wide and 9" inches long.
Most antique finishes or finishes using an oxide will vary somewhat in color and tone.
Steel and Brass.
Not at this time.
Yes. We polish steel, stainless steel and brass.
VCP currently does some light assembly for a number of different customers.
Yes, we can MIG and TIG weld.
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