Environmental Responsibility

Valley City Plating approaches environmental responsibility knowing that our own families & communities rely on a safe place to live for generations to come.

To accomplish this goal, local, state and federal requirements are continually met and many times improved upon. Some examples are:
  • Recycling is a first-priority approach. Since September of 1989, over 97% of plating waste has been recycled.
  • We foster a close working relationship with GRIPP going beyond permit requirements.
  • We served in early development & beta testing of LinkoExchange digital reporting system.
  • We conduct daily self-monitoring samples run at an independent lab and use EPA methods.
  • Weekly treatment data is reviewed by all treatment, lab and key plating staff to make adjustments where needed.
  • Scientific Control Laboratories is retained for environmental oversight, preparation of all state and federal reporting requirements and consultations.
Being environmentally responsible also comes in the form of how to maximize use of many resources:
  • Plating chemistry is returned at point of use whenever possible and some spent chemistry is reused in our treatment process.
  • Make-up air & exhausts are computer-controlled during low-demand times.
  • Incoming water is used for its cooling BTUs and then as H2O.
  • LED technology replaces less efficient methods where possible.

In 2001 and 2002, an extensive environmental audit was performed on the current site that included soil, ground water and air sampling. The entire audit took two years to complete and had no reportable findings.

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