Full Service Metal Plater

Basic finishes of nickel, chrome, brass, and copper. 80 custom designer finishes. On-site polishing and buffing, packaging, welding, warehousing and assembly.

Our Services

Whether electroplating, welding or assembly, we meet the highest quality standards aesthetically while delivering the corrosion protection needed for many industries.

Traditional Plating

Traditional plating is why customers have come to us since 1897. Today, with our chrome and specialty plating options and over 80 custom designer finishes available, we can create exactly what you’re looking for.

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Polishing & Buffing

On-site polishing and buffing facilities make your part look its best while our industry-leading robotic technology helps give you a cost advantage. We polish and buff raw parts to your specifications in mirror, brushed, satin and other finishes with the highest possible consistency and quality.

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Packaging & Assembly

When you take advantage of our custom packaging services, you shorten your lead time and save money. We take care of the packaging assembly, including fasteners and instructions, and can ship directly to your customers. When we handle processing, inspection, assembly and packing, your parts get where they need to go as efficiently as possible.

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Custom Finishes

Finding the right finish in plating is a process that takes years of experience

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You can experience a more efficient process and more reliable lead times

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Industries Served

We’ve been serving many industries for over 125 years: motorcycle, heavy truck, gaming, store fixtures, appliance, lighting, furniture, decorative wire, custom manufacturing and more.

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About Us

125 years of outstanding quality and customer service. We take pride in our reputation for being easy to work with.

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Nothing beats the real thing!

With over 80 different custom Designer Finishes we can achieve your desired look.

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